When you have exceptional news to share, share them with TAKTIL

Handmade stationery with focus on quality, design and uniqueness

Japanese paper in its most beautiful form

Some words require a frame that displays genuine appreciation and affection. Words for which a postcard or digital message are an unfit medium. In and of itself, Japanese tissue paper is much too delicate to hold up to pen and ink. Each of the up to five colours is applied manually and meticulously in several individual stages.The individual layers of colour are tangibly and visually discernible. Thanks to a specially developed technique,we made these special papers tangible and amenable for your handwriting.

Our Selection

Our selection ranges from the geometrically rigorous to the intricately playful to the powerfully colourful and ornamental. 


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About us

TAKTIL produces both in-house in our studio in Zurich and in cooperation with selected local bookbinders, thus benefiting from the skills of classic craftsmanship. Each card is handcrafted using the highest-grade materials. This allows us to guarantee long-term technical perfection and high-class quality.

We believe that good news are worthy of receiving full attention. We thus consciously refrain from directly labelling our cards with logos or advertising. The finest Japanese tissue paper, your words, nothing else.