When you have exceptional news to share, share them with Taktil


The Words Determine the Frame
Some words require a frame that displays genuine appreciation and affection. Words for which a postcard or digital message are an unfit medium truly come into their own on fine paper. Japanese tissue paper is the highest class of ornamental fine paper, which we are for the first time able to present in a writable form. In and of itself, Japanese tissue paper is much too delicate to hold up to pen and ink. Thanks to a specially developed technique, we have preserved the finesse of Japanese tissue paper while simultaneously making it amenable to handwriting. To your handwriting.

Paper Art in Every Fibre
Japanese tissue paper is not only hand-printed but also does entirely without additives such as visual brighteners or whitewashing, and is acid-free. The patterns are printed onto Kozu paper, which is manufactured from the inner white bark of mulberry trees. This paper owes its high quality to the special characteristics of the long, thick “Kozu” fibres, which neither swell nor shrink. The paper thus boasts an extraordinary level of stability. Chiyogami papers are screen printed, whereas the Katazome papers are subject to a special stencil printing technique. Both techniques involve each of the up to five colours being manually and meticulously applied in several individual stages. The individual layers of colour are tangibly and visually discernible. Such quality can never be achieved in industrial processes, so that each TAKTIL card represents a piece of veritable handcraft.

Culture Is Diversity
They say that there are as many different ornaments in Japanese tissue paper as there exist different words. To give you an impression of the wide cultural range of Chiyogami and Katazome, we have selected about one hundred patterns from this variety to date. Our selection ranges from the geometrically rigorous to the intricately playful to the powerfully colourful and ornamental. Our selection is constantly extended when a design pleases us. Are you unsure as to which paper will suit your words? Please do not hesitate to ask us; we are glad to be of assistance.

Your Words Stand for Themselves
We believe that good news are worthy of receiving full attention. We thus consciously refrain from directly labelling our cards with logos or advertising. The finest Japanese tissue paper, your words, nothing else.

Words and Values
TAKTIL produces both in-house and in cooperation with regional manufactories. Each card is handcrafted using the highest-grade materials. We work with selected local bookbinders in Zurich, thus benefiting from the skills of classic craftsmanship. This allows us to guarantee long-term technical perfection and high-class quality.